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The Journey

Spice Root is a vision of its founders in their quest for bringing healthier (organic, vegan) and better food to the conscious consumers in the western world. Spice Root has a deep connection with Ayurveda via a century old family business, based in India. It is from this rich heritage that we derive our knowledge and know-how.

We started our venture in 2014, when we realized that consumers were being offered very few choices in the UK in terms of organic and functional ingredients for food preparation. With the knowledge that we have, we feel it is our responsibility to bring about a small revolution in terms of awareness of organic ingredients and how they can be used in combination to improve their efficacy.

We pride ourselves in bringing to UK market, in relatively little time, the very best of organic – spices, seeds, healthfoods and ingredients. We are driven by the ethos of Ayurveda and sustainability. Food should be your medicine – and should be procured sustainably. Switching to organic is a way of restoring balance in nature; giving back to this cosmic ecosystem we are a part of.

About Spice Root

When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use.
When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.
~ Ayurvedic proverb

Our Values

  • Provide the very best of ingredients, free from chemicals, pesticides and nasties.
  • Work closely with organic farmers to sustainably procure food – ‘Food that can be traced’.
  • Share knowledge of Ayurveda with our customers and how it can benefit them

We’d love to hear from you.

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