About us

Spice Root is committed to bringing to you the finest quality organic products. Starting from our organic farming project in a small district in Bundelkhand in central India, Spice Root has a clear vision to build an integrated supply chain by directly working with farmers to promote sustainable farming practices for a cleaner, greener future. We have since been inviting and adding farming communities to join us and our grower group is now a veritable tour de force that empowers local communities – by way assistance in obtaining their organic certifications, field workshops, offering them zero-cost farming projects and commercial purchase contracts.

We strongly believe in organic farming as the future of agriculture. It yields nutritious and pure produce, free from pesticides or chemicals – just as nature intended.
Our mission is to continuously evolve to a higher level by building an integrated value chain – from farm to fork.

Spice Root welcomes you on board this journey to a healthier you. Thank you for choosing our organic products.

Our founders are associated with India’s oldest and largest ayurvedic brand Baidyanath Ayurveda, established in 1917. We have always believed in the power of good health through natural products. Armed with the knowledge that comes from our heritage, we offer a deep knowledge base and understanding of the products we offer: all plant based and natural.

Our Roots

Born out of love for natural, chemical-free, pure ingredients, we are proud to share a carefully curated selection of organic products. When you buy from Spice Root you know you will receive high quality organic products - that have a positive impact on
your food, your health and the planet.


Soil Association Organic

Plant based

No additives

EU Organic Compliant

Batch tested

Social Impact

We are proud to partner with companies in India which employ rural women in their organic farming initiatives.

We believe there is a need to make a concerted effort to create a conducive environment- not only to bring women farmers in the mainstream, but equally for empowering women farmers at a grassroots level by providing them with knowledge on the technical and financial aspects of agriculture.