/Amaranth: Re-discovering the Supergrain

Amaranth: Re-discovering the Supergrain

Mankind’s connection with grain agriculture is the bedrock on which our development and evolution rests. Agriculture and grain farming is ages old and has, in no uncertain terms, dictated how we lived and thrived. Mankind has, interestingly, also altered how grains have existed over millennia. Wheat is not same grain that was once growing in the wild and Corn cannot survive without human cultivation. While wheat is prime grain today, there is a lot more that is offered by ancient grains which has led to their reprisal.

One of these super-grains is Amaranth – high in protein and anti-oxidants, gluten free – it was known to the Aztecs as huauhtli, supporting the swathe of the population. In Greek culture it signifies immortality (Amaranton, unwilting). And near immortality it does provide, gram for gram better than any other grain that you may see on the store shelf:

* Contains over a dozen types of proteins that release a particular sated hormone that that suppresses appetite. It is light, fills your stomach lowering your likelihood to snack

* Packed with vitamins (B,C,E) and minerals (calcium, Iron, Zinc). It is great for a sun sparse population such as the U.K. It is as if the grain is designed for bone development and strength

* Contains High fibre content thus improved digestive health

* Contains vitamin K, which is a cardiovascular health booster. Eliminates bad cholesterol and reduces the strain on cardio

* Most importantly, it contains folate that is particularly important for pregnant mothers to reduce birth defects in babies

We at Spice Root are all for superhumans – those of us who believe it is through natural superfoods such as Amaranth that we will achieve better health, vitality and general wellbeing.

Spice root is soon launching Organic Amaranth, with all the goodness and none of the nasties. All Organic, all good. And all in an attractive, practical, re-sealable pouch.
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