/Beat the heat with coriander and cumin!

Beat the heat with coriander and cumin!

As we welcome a glorious summer in London, here are some easy Ayurvedic tips  to keep your body nice and cool.

In the summer months when temperatures in India peak 45-49 degree celsius, we often increase our intake of body cooling herbs such as cumin and coriander. In small amounts cumin not only detoxifies the body but relieves gas and bloating. Add a pinch of ground cumin to plain yogurt with some rock salt. Alternatively soak cumin seeds in water for a couple of hours, strain and drink.

The herb coriander is called dhaniya in India, which means the rich one. Rightly so, it is revered for its medicinal and culinary uses not only in India but also the middle east. It is one of the most cooling spices. Coriander is in fact the seed of the cilantro plant. You can use coriander in the BBQ rub, Indian curry or add to some roast vegetables for flavourings. Coriander improves digestion and stabilises blood sugar levels.

Coriander and cumin together are a match made in heaven. The next time you want to get extra flavouring without the excessive use of spices, temper some cumin seeds and add coriander powder to it before cooking in that base. Soak in the aromas and allow your body to beat the heat!

Have a good week ahead!

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