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Amaranth: Re-discovering the Supergrain

By | 2016-08-17T08:41:03+01:00 August 17th, 2016|Health, Health food, healthy ingredients, organic, Organic Food, organic ingredients, support organic, Sustainability|

Mankind’s connection with grain agriculture is the bedrock on which our development and evolution rests. Agriculture and grain farming is ages old and has, in no uncertain terms, dictated how we lived and thrived. Mankind has, interestingly, also altered how

My post workout zesty omelette

By | 2016-08-06T08:05:28+01:00 June 17th, 2015|Black pepper, Food, Food energy, Health, Health food, healthy ingredients, herbs and spices, Homemade, Oganic, Organic Food, support organic, Sustainability|

Made this protein packed omelette to satiate my post workout hunger pangs! Made using free range eggs, coriander, cherry tomatoes, pink onions. Generous sprinkling of organic pepper and rock salt. Black pepper is great in providing relief from common cold,

What if we take away sugar, spice and all that’s nice?

By | 2016-08-06T08:08:49+01:00 May 27th, 2015|Food, healthy ingredients, herbs and spices, Organic farming, Organic Food, support organic|

Try to imagine a world without spice. Wouldn’t it be such a bland universe of food without the tantalizing flavors and inviting aromas, which spices lend? We need everything from the basic salt and pepper to the more curious cinnamon

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