/Eat.Pray.Food: A Yogic Perspective

Eat.Pray.Food: A Yogic Perspective

Our need to eat food is often driven by a desire to consume. These desires get locked into our daily habits and our necessity to eat is no more than an impulsive reaction. Driven by inward thoughts and desires, we consume without control and the desire for satiety never get’s fulfilled. The cycle continues and ultimately we find ourselves in the midst of many health troubles. It is this “mindless” eating, that must be put to an end. To eat consciously, is to reinforce the life energy in us. A well balanced flow of energy keeps us healthy not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.

Food itself is a life form and it carries a part of the infinite energy of this cosmos. The greater this energy, the more we stand to gain from it. Unfortunately most crops these days are grown in an environment full of artificial chemicals like pesticides, insecticides, additives and solvents. These synthetic elements are not part of nature and disturb the balance of energy, depleting the soil of resources and the crop from nutrients. We consume food which might fill our stomachs but don’t give as much energy and nutrient intake. Our body has not been built to process unnatural, synthetic elements. Not only do cells have to overwork to rid themselves of the toxins but this also depletes the body’s energy balance, leaving us tired and fatigued. We eat more frequently to replete lost energy and the cycle continues.

By consciously selecting the food one eats and having control over the intake of this energy, one can ensure great holistic benefits. Choosing to eliminate pesticide and insecticide infused foods from the diet would mean a “lighter” intake of food, free from heavy metals and toxins. Energy will be utilised more efficiently to be used as fuel for the body without any contaminants interrupting it’s flow.

A balance of Purusha (Being or Spirit) and Prakriti (Energy) is the essence to a healthy life.

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