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About Us

Spice Root produces certified organic, ambient products - spices, lentils, staples, superfoods and Ayurveda products.

We are a UK and EU based organic food company with roots in India. Our products are certified by Soil Association UK and SKAL Bio-Controle NL. We work closely with farming communities - with whom we share a common ethos that organic agriculture benefits everyone.

At Spice Root, we believe that food should be as nature intended – full of nutrition and without any artificial chemicals or additives, It is good for you and the environment.

We invite you to join us on a journey towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Experience the unmatched quality, taste, and benefits of our certified organic products. Choose Spice Root as your trusted partner in the pursuit of wellness and culinary excellence.

Explore our range of certified organic products today and experience the difference for yourself!

    Proudly Certified

    SKAL Bio-Controle NL

    Soil Association UK

    EU Organic

    COSMOS Organic

    Sourcing Capability and Process

    Everything we consume has a story and these stories are a very important part of our process.

    We approach all our sourcing and procurement keeping in mind our responsibilities towards the farming community, the environment and biodiversity, and our customers.

    Our process of quality control, packaging and transport should be transparent to all.

    We work directly with farming communities and sustainable agriculturists.

    This allows us to maintain quality control and consistency while minimizing the impact of a multi-node supply chain.

    We avoid homogenous farming wherever possible and always prefer bio-diverse regions for organic procurement.

    We strive for positive changes with minimal footprints.

    Farmer Programs

    Farmer programs play a crucial role in supporting farmers, particularly smallholders, and promoting sustainable agriculture.

    These programs empower farmers with knowledge, resources, and market access, ultimately improving their livelihoods and contributing to food security.

    As we face global challenges like climate change and food insecurity, investing in farmer programs becomes more critical than ever.

    By supporting these initiatives, we can work towards a more equitable and sustainable future for agriculture and rural communities.

    Production & Quality Control

    Spice Root products are certified organic by Soil Association (UK) and SKAL Bio (NL).

    All our products are processed and packed at our EU-certified facility by trained professionals, with strict adherence to food standards and health & safety guidelines, ensuring all nutritional goodness is retained.

    We understand that our consumers share our vision for high-quality, sustainable and nutritious food.

    All our products are tested at third-party laboratories for multiple parameters, artificial chemicals and additives.

    Only products that meet our strict quality criteria are offered to consumers.

    We prioritize the use of high quality ingredients and are very selective in the sourcing of products, resulting in food that is not only healthier and safer but also tastes better.

    Maa Society for Children with Special Needs

    Spice Root has partnered with “Maa Society” (Maa is Hindi for Mother), a school for children with learning disabilities and special needs.

    As part of their activities, regular farm visits are scheduled; helping the children learn about small scale farming and develop skills for independent garden farming.

    The school provides other forms of vocational training as well.

    It helps the children gain real-world knowledge and adds another dimension to their learning curriculum.

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