goodFarm Organic Aloe Vera Powder 500g

Weight: 500 g

goodFarm's Organic Aloe Vera Powder 500g is your gateway to harnessing the natural power of Aloe Vera in a convenient and versatile form. Sourced from organic Aloe Vera plants and carefully processed to retain its numerous health and skincare benefits, this premium powder is a must-have for your wellness and beauty regimen.

goodFarm's Organic Aloe Vera Powder is derived from the leaves of the Aloe Vera plant, which has been used for centuries for its healing and skincare properties. The leaves are carefully processed and dehydrated to create a fine powder that retains all the natural goodness of Aloe Vera. Buy best organic Aloe Vera Powder in UK here.

Hair HealthSkin HealthAnti-Inflammatory

About goodFarm Organic Aloe Vera Powder 500g


Premium quality organic aloe vera powder 500g. Obtained from organic aloe vera leaves.

Exhibits skin care properties

An excellent source of Vitamin C, aloe vera brings soothing and refreshing effects on the skin.

Vegan Friendly, No Additives

Organic, non-GMO, lactose-free, vegan, ethically sourced products. Packed in a practical resealable pouch to preserve freshness. The product does not contain any additives.

Organic Aloe Vera Powder

Mix with water to achieve the desired consistency for topical applications. Add to smoothies, water, or juices to make a detox drink.

Spice Root products are certified organic. By choosing to source our products from organic farms and sustainable producers, we help minimise exposure to harmful chemicals and additives for our consumers, our partners, and the environment.

We recognize the environmental costs of our everyday choices, and we encourage everyone to make more holistic and meaningful lifestyle changes by choosing products that are good for the planet and for one’s health.

Our ‘farm to table’ supply-chain, with a careful quality control process, ensures that we deliver high quality products that are also Earth positive :)

Eating organic is eating sustainably!

Organic agriculture is a practice that helps fight soil erosion and degradation, water pollution, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and it does not permit usage of artificial chemicals and additives. It promotes biodiversity, soil health and better health.