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Spice Root is committed to bringing to you the finest quality organic products. Starting from our organic farming project in a small district in Bundelkhand in central India, our clear vision is to build an integrated supply chain by directly working with farmers to promote sustainable farming practices for a cleaner, greener future. We have since been inviting and adding farming communities to join us and our grower group.

 Read more about our farming programs, quality control, our connections to Ayurveda and our mission. 

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Bio-intensive farming in the heart of rural India. Transformational Spices and Ayurvedic Herbs.

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Go through Spice Root’s purpose-led journey of ensuring that you only get the best food on your table.

Customer Testimonial

Cliente A

Verified Purchase Excellent organic quality 100 x 100, pure turmeric without any component. With this package I have to give and give. I use it in addition to meals to make all kinds of natural components. It is anti-FL amatory, antibacterial, recovery, etc...

Pedro R

Compared to cinnamon from other parts of the world, I tried, undoubtedly this was the best. The quality of the flavor concentration of this cinnamon means that it has a concentration of 4 or 5 times higher than others. Great taste and great aroma.


These r tons better than supermarket regular black peppercorns. These have a super Aroma, and r hotter than supermarket ones . If u a black pepper lover , u will love these ! And worth the extra money . FIVE STARS and in a professional retail Indian package so they are clean peppercorns. I Bought same size bag eBay , Sri Lanka black peppercorns took 4 weeks to arrive and in a bit of white paper bag , omg I was scared that may have dead insects etc In , so I dumped the eBay ones and they was not cheap ! ...GET THESE ONES ON AMAZON ????....yum Aroma and more of a kick Than. Regular uk Supermarket ones


Delicious. I find this ginger product to be potent and non acidic. Seems like the real deal and I use a lot of it!

TInk 56

ordered this while we’re all in lockdown and I couldn’t get to the supermarket but I’m so glad I did. They are so much nicer than the mass produced stuff in the shops. They smell really fiery but they aren’t too hot and add a delicious flavour to the food. You don’t need as much because the flakes are so fresh and flavorsome. Will definitely buy again and we’ll be trying some of Spice Root’s other products. An added bonus is the ethos of the company and the provenance of their products.

L. Mckenna

I bought these flakes as I was struggling to buy them during lockdown anywhere and I enjoy adding them to smashed avocado (on a bagel with lime juice added for sweetness) for breakfast and they are the best chilli flakes I've tried. It was a large bag and will last me a long time as I only use around a teaspoon at a time.